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Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery, Free Mac Data Recovery Software, is specially designed for Mac OS environment and recovers data and files. Download 

Partition Recovery

Partition Recovery can rescue files from an accidentally formatted disk or partition. For extremely difficult rescues, the Partition Recovery tool also provides you with advanced rescue procedures, including the ability to rescue mistakenly deleted partitions as well as any partitions corrupted by virus attacks or major file system accidents.

Formatted Recovery Uncertainty

With the Partition Recovery function for NTFS, when there is no writing onto source disk, the recovery rate is up to 90% or more. The data recovery possible is much lower with FAT formatted partitions. The likelihood of recovering a completely intact partition on a FAT formatted disk, once it has been corrupted, is severely decreased. Because of overwriting caused by the creation, deletion or modification of files, important information used to locate the fragments or the file fragments themselves may be lost.

While the <Partition Recovery> tool will try to find the deleted file's fragments, but, if the information necessary for locating those fragments has been damaged, the tool will be forced to assume that the file was originally stored contiguously. In this case, Lazesoft Partition Recovery may be able to rescue only the first of many file fragments, which may be of little value to you.

WARNING: Any operation that writes on your source disk may cause data loss and reduce your ability to successfully recover accidentally damaged or deleted partitions. Do not write, delete or modify files on the source disk before attempting partition recovery. Do not save restored files to a partition or disk which is being searched or is damaged.


Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery is easy to use, design to general users that let you recover you deleted or lost files right now on your Mac. Download  
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