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Easy and powerful free data recovery software for Mac

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery, Free Mac Data Recovery Software, is specially designed for Mac OS environment and recovers data and files. Download 

Selecting a Destination for your Recovered Files

For safety reasons, all Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery modules require you to select a new destination when rescuing the recovered data.

WARNING: For your safety, Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery tools will automatically prevent you from selecting the source partition as the targeted destination, but you should NEVER copy files to a damaged partition or any location that may contain 'lost' files. Always use removable media or another undamaged hard drive, as the destination target.

NEVER save recovered files to the same disk which you are searching. Rescuing files makes a COPY of the data, which requires additional disk space, and ANY file manipulation on the disk being searched can result in deleted files being overwritten and rendered unrecoverable! You can apply a filter to remove unneeded files from the list. Filters are managed by clicking the <Filter> button. This will open the Filter Dialog where you can specify the exact files you want to save.

Remember, you may use Mac OS operation system built- in file moving options to return your recovered files back to their original locations after ALL your selected 'lost' files have been recovered.

Click <Save> to begin copying files. Click <Cancel> to return to the File List Window.


Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery is easy to use, design to general users that let you recover you deleted or lost files right now on your Mac. Download  
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