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Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

Easy and powerful free data recovery software for Mac

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery, Free Mac Data Recovery Software, is specially designed for Mac OS environment and recovers data and files. Download 

Scanning for Files

Once you have selected a location on your computer that contains a 'lost' file or partition, our tools will perform a scan. This can take several minutes (Partition Recovery may require more than one hour, depending on the size of the disk involved and how many deleted files are found. While the tool is scanning for the files within the partition, you will provided with a continuous progress report. The following information will be displayed during a scan:

  • Information about the current searching state
  • The total number and names of any files found
  • A progress bar indicating the percentage of the scan complete

You may stop the scan in mid-process by clicking <Stop>. This will allow you to select, or “tag”, a 'lost' file that has been located, eliminating the need for further searching. If the file(s) that you are trying to recover are not displayed, stopping the scan may result in an incomplete search for 'lost' files or partitions.

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery gives you a unique capability to preview processed files and partitions while the search is being conducted.

When the scan is complete, you may <Tag Files for Recovery>.


Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery is easy to use, design to general users that let you recover you deleted or lost files right now on your Mac. Download  
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